Outright Professional Services (Pty) Ltd.


Wherever possible we try limit the use of paper media, rather keeping things in a digital format, however many clients still require printed stationery ie.) statements, invoices, remittence advices . . .etc, and reports.We provide a bulk printing service through high speed Mannesmann Tally dot-matrix printers.

Print jobs can then be decollated, which cuts away the holes for the tractor feed and run through a burster to separate the pages. We also create bindings for more important reports and a professional look. Sizes range from 5 -600 pages.

We can print high quality laser prints although this is more expensive.


A fax server running ©RightFax and Docsmanager allow us to provide a centralized fax solution for our clients. This means clients can send faxes at the touch of button, knowing it will be managed until it has reaches the intended recipient.
As an added extra for our clients we extract information from the fax database and produce various reports for example by branch, H/O or by supplier so they can track when each fax was created and when it was actually received.

Similar facilities are available for email.

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